CQ RAICCHO Strategic Plan 2013/2014 – 2014/2015

At a Special General Meeting of Member Services held on 18th February 2014, an updated Strategic Plan was endorsed covering the period 2013/2014 -2014/2015.

The Member Services consciously acknowledged that the updated Strategic Plan was developed during a period of turbulence in the health industry environments at both national and state levels.

At the national level, following the election of the Coalition Government, a major restructuring of portfolio responsibilities had been implemented affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander primary health, emotional and social wellbeing and mental health, substance misuse and aged care. Multiple Ministers are now engaged from both Houses of the Parliament – Scullion, Dutton, Nash, Fifield – as well as the Prime Minister.

  • Primary health is with a Division in the mainstream Department of Health (DoH), most Aboriginal health programs are in the Prime Minister’s Department including substance misuse, and aged care is in the Department of Social Service.

The Coalition Government is in the midst of serious and wide-ranging re-thinking about policy and expenditure priorities. This includes

  • the “Mundine Review” of Aboriginal programs,
  • a review of Medicare Local
  • the Commission of Audit, affecting all government programs
  • the Budget deliberations by Cabinet – the Budget will be presented in May 2014

Service delivery contracts are not being written beyond 30th June 2014, so there is considerable uncertainty in the Sector.

At state level, the Queensland Government is set to introduce new ‘contestability’ arrangements into its decision making processes for allocating resources to primary health care providers. The State Government is also experiencing its own budgetary pressures which impel tough decisions about expenditure priorities.

All of these health industry uncertainties make it difficult to plan into 2013/2014 and 2014/2015, from both a state and national level, and it is pointless to look at timeframes beyond 2015.

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