Nhulundu Wooribah (NWIHOI) Governance Reform Project

The Board and senior management team of NWIHOI initiated a comprehensive Governance Reform Project in 2014.

The core components of this Project are:

1. Updating of the Strategic Plan

  • Workshops have been held with the Board, managers and staff to analyse the external operating environment, interpret demographic and epidemiological data, review current delivery capability, and set business directions and targets for the next business cycle.
  • Short-term ‘stretch’ goals have been set to get all staff committed to the new business directions – for example, 500 new Health Checks (MBS Item 715s) before 30th June 2014, and a follow-through with General Practice Management Plans (GPMPs).

2. Revising the Constitution in line with contemporary best practice and with CQ RAICCHO standards, and transferring incorporation under the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth).

  • The Board and senior management team have engaged CQ RAICCHO to review the existing Constitution, which refers to Queensland State legislation and which reflects objects, membership and governance arrangements that need to be modernised.
  • In keeping with the broader move to ASIC as the corporate regulator, NHWHOI will incorporate under the mainstream company’s legislation.
  • Nhulundu Wooribah will use this modernisation opportunity to strengthen corporate governance systems and expand community engagement.
  • Nhulundu Wooribah is aiming for a transition to come into effect before the end of the 20-13/2014 financial year.

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