Galangoor Duwalami Service Development Project

Galangoor Duwalami was established as a primary health care provider for Aboriginal and Islander people living in Hervey Bay and Maryborough without any financial assistance from either the Australian Government or the Queensland Government.

However, the Queensland Government has enabled Galangoor Duwalami to continue to operate through its “Multi-Disciplinary Models of Care” chronic disease regional project.  Funds for this project are channelled from CQ RAICCHO to Galangoor Duwalami to help employ one GP, a Registered Nurse and an Aboriginal Health Worker.

Wide Bay Medicare Local has also consistently supported Galangoor Duwalami with secondment of chronic disease personnel and rent contribution.

CQ RAICCHO has provided funds for a regional Business Development Officer, Stevan Ober, whose first project is to work with Galangoor Duwalami to submit a Business Case to Queensland Health via the local Health & Hospital Services Director to access recurrent chronic disease service delivery funding.

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