CQ RAICCHO is a not-for-profit company with limited liability.  It has approval from the Australian Taxation Office to operate a Gift Deductibility Fund.

The original Constitution from 2012 provided for each Member Service to nominate one Director to the CQ RAICCHO Board (Nominated Directors), and for the Nominated Directors to appoint:

  • An Independent Chairperson; and
  • Up to two Skills-Based Directors.

A Special General meeting of Member Services in Brisbane on 18th February 2014 adopted amendments to the CQ RAICCHO Constitution which strengthened its governance infrastructure.

The updated Constitution now provides for:

  • A Charter of Corporate Governance, which reflects the requirements of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and includes comprehensive prescriptions for roles and functions of directors and office-holders, and for conflicts of interest;
  • A Members’ Charter, which prescribes how the Member Services cooperate with one another and with CQ RAICCHO;
  • Broader restrictions on holding a directorship, including through connections with ‘close family relatives’;
  • Authority for the CQ RAICCHO Board to suspend or expel a Director and the grounds for doing so; and
  • Authority for the CQ RAICCHO Board to suspend or expel a Member Organisation and the grounds for doing so.

The Members and the Board of Directors of CQ RAICCHO agreed to adopt the amended Constitution after reflecting on some of the structural weaknesses of several Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander corporations in Queensland which, since 2010, have resulted in some corporations failing to perform, being defunded, or experiencing fraud and corruption.

CQ RAICCHO has therefore put in place a governance infrastructure which is probably at the leading edge for corporations in our Sector in Queensland.

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