The original design of a Charter of Corporate Governance can be attributed to Geoffrey Kiel and GavinNicholson, who described its structure and relationship of its contents to the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) and key Court judgements in their book, Boards That Work A new guide for directors (The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc, 2004).

The Charter of Corporate Governance was first introduced into our Sector when the chief executive officer of the Queensland Aboriginal and Islander Health Council Ltd (QAIHC) organized a series of workshops from July to December 2006 to agree its substance and structure.  This same CEO set up the first regional organization of Aboriginal Medical Services in Queensland, the Institute for Urban Indigenous Health Ltd of south-east Queensland IUIH/SEQ in 2009 and became its CEO in late-2010.

It was natural that the Board of Directors of CQ RAICCHO should want to adapt the IUIH Ltd Charter of Corporate Governance for CQ RAICCHO as part of the Board’s program of strengthening the company’s governance infrastructure.  The Board initially considered the text of a Charter in late 2012, and a final Charter was formally endorsed at a Special General Meeting of Member Services on 19th February 2014.


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